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Latest Highlights

PHP: Upload Files(s) Using Curl

Here I share a code snippet that will show how can we use PHP curl to upload file to remote server as HTTP POST request. We can upload multiple files using this code. It handles PHP versions to prior to 5.6 as well as PHP versions 5.5 and later.

11 Mar 2017
Reduce Scanned PDF File Size

The PDF files that we prepare after scanning happen to have bigger file size normally. It is because the PDF file gets all scanned images almost exactly in that same resolution as we scanned. We can use Ghostscript command to reduce size of PDF files as per our needs.

21 Nov 2016
Drupal 7: Disable Advanced Help for a Module

In Drupal, by default there is hook_help(), which we can use to implement help pages for the module. You can get help page link for a particular module from module listing page. But, once you installed advanced_help module. That help link will be changed to a different path for advanced help of that module. However that is useless if the module does not implement advanced help. In this post, I show how you can disable advanced_help module's behavior for a particular module and restore default help link in module listing page.

19 Nov 2016
Disable Comments on a Single Wordpress Page

On Wordpress sites we can have both posts and pages. Posts are primarily for blog posts that expect readers opinions and discussions, so commenting is essential there. On the other hand, pages are primarily for content that will be independent of time and not tagged or categorized. "About" page is a good example for a "page". Most site admins do not expect comments or discussions on pages. Wordpress comes with commenting possible on pages by default. So, you would need to disable commenting on pages while creating or editing them.

05 Aug 2015